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    Hi there i have posted before but i have to blur these a bit for now until further notice. Hope you still love them a few from the past. corrida en su culo...

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    Just some photos after getting home late from a night out with friends. I managed to keep my undies on the entire night this time! At least until the camera came out! LOL! a mixed bag of collection...

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    Dear Kate (or should we say "I"-gor?): Meet Ruthie, resident nymphomaniac! She likes to crank call people in the hopes to meet studs and take them to the local motel room!! Open broad and say Ahhhhhh! Taken with polaroid camera and scanned w/microtek scanner. Hope you like!!!

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    Hi Kate and all theRedcloud fans.I tookthese pics at a soiree that me my hubby and a sexy gf of mine went to.It was late and everyone was downstairs so we snuck upstairs and had some fun.We got into a little undress pool and that just led to a wild night!!!! Love

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