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    Thanks for the fantastic response. Here are some more. For those who asked Excellent Granny's labia is clean-shaven and the NN squad rejected it as to hot for PS so she will do rcin the future. Nemo in Miami...

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    Heres a clip of my wifey flashing herself in a parking lot. Next we went to an adult book store and she never did button up her adorn. Guys were following us all over. Love Just a day by the pool....

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    We publish many of our pics on the internet. Now we would love to meet a duo with the same interests and about our age, to have fun and to take pics. Every month I will put fresh photos. Getting ready to bathroom...

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    My gf and I having a little joy. She is 34 and a mommy of six! She never had been photographed nude but now she loves it. Well...that's what she told me, ha ha whatt do you think...

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    I met this duo. she is so hot is difficult to not have an erection looking at this woman. The hubby loves to share... and that is just fine with me. Here it come!...

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    This is what my wifey wore when she greeted me at the airport. I attempted to get her out of the car to give me a hug but she was too timid. Maybe next time. My doll Bethy at the motel...

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    Here's our very first contrribution. Hope you like these, we will exchange with others just contact our email address. Looking for ambisexual women and couples in the St.Louis area. My wife's pretty culo...

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    I need some suggestions ladies. If you like, make some comments and tell me what you want to see. I would love to trade pics with a 40-50 year old woman... any takers? Howdy NN devotees...

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    Some of you requested pictures like this, so here they are. Please leave your email address when you leave a comment. I will email ya back. By the way, from Oregon here. fucking deep en wild...

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    Howdy again...I can't tell you how much joy I had after my hubby took these pictures I hope you love them as much as we luved taking them. Just a plenty of of stockings...

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    Would love to get tons of hot comments to showcase her and hopefully get her to pose for more. Mom of three and 46y old. Hope you all like at the office...

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    Gf an I had some drinks then went flashing. There were three lucky guys in this van that got some fine flashes. More to ensue. And now combination!...

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    Howdy everyone, Hope you've been luving my last few posts...here is another set of my romp thru the forest. See for a brand fresh series of photos coming up... Don't leave behind to leave me a message on my site when you visit, I'd love to hear from you..;) Hugs*Paige

    March 2019 3:31:57

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    Hi to all in Naturists Land. Thanks for your kind comments on our last contri. We've been posting at the RCBB for a while, and Bridget dreamed to send a set here. She picked these out herself, because she dreamed to display off her little bottom. So be nice....

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    Howdy all, first-ever contri. Excellent site Kate. Love comments from folks and women. This is a series that I took myself using my timer. Come in this in the Private contest for SR. I get many comments on it so lets see what this crowd thinks. Good feedback and I'll send more.

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