‘Gettin’ nekkid’ is generally

the rebellious action of selection on
The non-fkk boy says to
his buddy, “Look what I’ve discovered!” as he shows the nudist kid a copy of Playboy
or some similar magazine, which he found somewhere.
pictures of scantily clothed, erotically posed women, the boy who has seen
hundreds of individuals of all ages and body types, will probably believe, “I’ve seen
Why does he want to steal looks at this?” He
might also believe, “This is not even what most folks look like.”
Growing up without shame
All these things happen to
Fkk children, also. The one huge difference for kids who were lucky enough to grow
Upward in a naturist environment is that those kids have literally seen those
changes take place, as their old friends and siblings went through that
difficult time. Due to that experience, they are better prepared for it
We read in the newspapers
Trustworthy person who took advantage of a kid in a sexual way.

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With hundreds
of nudist clubs in North America, that problem almost never occurs at our
A family which is open
enough to have seasoned nudism, just like a healthy non-naturist family, is
also open enough to have discussed sex abuse with their kids. These
children understand that they’ll tell their parents immediately if they ever imagine
that something is wrong.
We’ve been told by
authorities the motive fkk clubs have an extremely low prevalence of sex
offenders is that we’ve got the reputation of prosecuting those people, while
until recent years, many other organizations have “crossed those issues under a
Carpet”, more concerned with their public image than with the security of the individuals
they should have been protecting.
have felt much safer committing their misdeeds within organizations which have
tried to cover up their difficulties with molesters.
encouraging to know that Bare Buns, and many other nudist clubs, have a really
good relationship with law enforcement agencies. Some of their officers are
You can be certain that if we were doing anything
Almost all sex offenders are males. At a fkk club, it would be super easy to
tell if a man were to become sexually excited.
Some other intriguing
We do not present this
Advice in an effort to attempt to make ourselves seem to be “better” than
our non-naturist friends; instead, this advice could clarify some other
interesting observations about nudists’ lives:
The divorce rate is lower
among fkk families, and their children often make better grades than
similar children in non-naturist families. We do not believe that this is BECAUSE
the families are nudists; it’s more likely that the marriages are more stable
AND their kids make good levels AND the families are nudists because the family
members have a tendency to communicate a little more openly with each other within their daily
Regard all bodies
Children see all kinds and ages unclothed, they learn endorsement of the maturing and
aging processes; they do not think they have to have face lifts, boob jobs and
collagen injections to become socially appropriate; they do not grow up thinking
“You’re what you wear”.
They’ve probably never had
a instance of a child being killed for his tennis shoes or his Eddie Bauer jacket!
My father tells me I ‘ve a habit of following the trail less travelled, and so it was with becoming a nudist. think that when Americans
which stem from body acceptance will diminish.
A clothing optional vacation is just like
your other vacations – with First Nudist Experience using a Friend – you don’t have to wear
clothes. An increasing number of individuals are enjoying these types of holidays and a
growing number of first class resorts are offering the alternative to go topless or
Clothing-Elective or Nude diversion has been
the norm in Europe for many years, and while a bit slow to “catch on” in the US
proper, it’s becoming very popular, particularly in Caribbean destinations
catering to American tourists.
It’s not at all uncommon for the first timer to be a bit nervous getting
started, but once they get out of their clothes, any nervousness quickly
There are two fairly good procedures of going about getting “nekkid” for the first
1. Lots of first timers will choose destinations that are clothing optional for
their first excursion. Optional means just what it signifies – you can choose to go
with or without your bathing suit. Many of the finer resorts like the Grand
This way you can work out
of your suit a bit more slowly until you’re comfy.
2. If you have already made the decision to
go to a clothing optional or nude strand you have already passed the biggest
hurdle. When you get there, head out to the nude beach or pool, and instantly

This past summer, we attempted nudism for the very first time, and I can’t say it came naturally to us.

Sure, we had some questions and a lot of uncertainties, but the conditions were such that we were pressed into this movement luckily, to never regret it after!

We used to go holidaying to the hot nations three years in a row before last summer. That which we wanted to do was go fifteen days on vacation in a relatively affordable, not exceedingly crowded and sunny.
It was all good, but the last two standards were debatable. For example, on the Riviera everything is expensive, and following an encounter of a friend in 2007 to Collioure, the sun sometimes keeps the UV starved tourists waiting.
So we believed to go through the Pyrenees and Spain on the Costa Brava where one could find a lot of sun, the costs are lower than in France but tranquility and empty beaches are totally out of question. In May, when I was doing my researches, there clearly was no question of going into ordered nudist family photos , but they were all too pricey.

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And I came across the site of a swimming pool campsite, 10 kilometers from the seashore, with small variety of seats… I enjoyed it very much from the very s tart, except that I ‘d not detected that it was a nudist camp. What a disappointment it was when I came to recognize it! I didnt know what to think of it.
I continued my research for a week, but I found nothing I liked. I did not even dare to speak with my boyfriend, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Could we really make it? I’m 27 years old, but I am not a bombshell. My height is 1 m 74 for 62 pounds, and luckily I have no midriff, but no breasts either, and I took everything in the buttocks, 92 inches, as well as cellulite, I was entirely stiffened by reluctance to show them off. That is why I largely fancy abandoned shores where nobody can see that part of my body.
Then I began reading articles about naturists, I thought, also, that in a campground this size so near the sea there would be few during the day by the poolside. And anyways, nude people surely kept a greater distance between their mats. Some phrases comforted me very much: respect for others, close to nature, ecology… I finally contacted the campsite: no troubles with booking. All was going well, the sole thing remaining was to talk with family nudists pics , who taken instantaneously.
And then there came the fateful moment when we were standing before the gate. We got registered, unpacked and settled, with the only crucial thing remaining to be done undressing! And it’s not so clear, I am already quite elaborate with my real and there is also something that I had not thought of: I am Belgian, blond, with blond skin and my skin is extremely white. I am ever so frightened to get sunburnt! Luckily, it was already a late afternoon, the pool had closed, it was becoming a bit trendy, I liked to avoid stripping and furthermore I wasn’t the only one dressed in the evening (many teenagers, as well as girls of my age, were dressed, also).
So the following morning it was the most difficult. I went to the blocks with only a t-shirt on. So it was the first time I exhibited buttocks and my genitals in public. I was a little surprised on arriving at the washroom: no cabin with a door, you take a shower together, which is legitimate in a sense. So I had no option, it was mandatory that I took off my top to take my shower, making it the first time being naked in front of a dozen of individuals. It assured me a lot and after my shower I returned to the tent naked. We then went to the pool, there were a few folks, but I did not feel what I hate about the textile beaches, meeting heaps of dirty looks that appear to say “look at this one with her fat ass!”. Here, nobody looked at me, I lived in utter indifference, and I was totally filled with this particular ambience.
And what about the bath I could not believe it, I still virtually even difficult to trust that feelings are so distinct, so nice it was with just needing to remove a tiny piece of cloth! I, who did not like swimming, I stayed for hours in water. I loved it, swimming, diving, playing with my boyfriend. I felt revived, it wasn’t me but another girl who finally found the pleasure of bathing. In addition, it was not like other campgrounds that we attended. Normally at cloth campsites, the pool is squatted by kids crying, agitated in every way. Here, there were also children, they played alright, but it was more respectful of other swimmers. The pool was very large, it’s also there, but I feel the same pool in a textile campsite was overly noisy.
I’m now a frequent visitor of that campsite, as well as my boyfriend; I keep on browsing gallery nudism section at their site hoping to find us as one of the most faithful nude beachers of all the times!

My father tells me I have a custom of following the route less travelled, and so it was with becoming a nudist.

When I was sixteen one of my partners, Tony, suggested we go and take a look at the neighborhood nude beach. Not having seen a real live nude girl before I immediately agreed and we set off.
I was not comfortable with this and said we should go down onto the shore and sit in the group. Tony said that would be too bizarre so we remained hidden for about twenty minutes, and I saw my first naked woman (and my fiftieth, all on the one day).
Walking home Tony asked, What do you really believe makes people want to go nude on a beach?
I said I wasnt sure, but there must be something to it otherwise why would there be so many folks on an out of the way beach. Yet, in the back part of my mind was a notion that maybe I’d like to attempt, but would I possess the nerve.
The idea continued to grow and enjoy most novices I started sleeping nude when you can do so, and questioning around the house nude when the opportunity arose. This had me becoming more comfortable nude, but the idea had grown to a urge to try the nude beach.
So, six weeks after my first visit I was back at the beach discovered that I ‘d be bare in the sunshine. I laid out my towel, took off my shirt and short pants, but couldn’t go any farther.
Over an hour later I still had not advanced, when three girls, only a couple of years older than me, laid out their towels next to me and minutes later were naked.
This is a new experience for me and Im nervous about being nude.
There is probably a 120 manhood on this beach, why would yours be unique. If you are not definitely going to be naked you probably shouldnt be here.
Her buddies where nodding in approval, so I got up and went for a swim hopeful of finding guts to drop my swimmers. It didnt come I packed up my stuff and headed home.
After that afternoon my girlfriend, Anna, asked me where I was during the day. I told her about where I had been when she asked, Have you been down there with Tony perving on the nude girls again?
No, I was seeking out what it is like being naked on the beach?
What? Were you down there bare? she inquired.
No, I not could convince myself to lose my trousers.
Well, perhaps we can try again tomorrow, she said.
Tomorrow morning you, and I, proceed to the seashore and strive for an all over tan. Maybe if you have some support you will be a courageous lad.
So the next morning the two of us walked across the pathway to the seashore, as with every measure the butterflies grew in my belly. We climbed down onto the shore and took up position close to the center at the high tide mark.
With the 20 or so naked folks, it suddenly seemed very crowded. We laid out our towels and dressed down until I was in my swimming costume and Anna in her pink bikini.
Are you really going to take those off? she said.
Im going wait awhile, Im somewhat uncertain at the moment.
OK, we can lie here and talk.
Anna afterward laid face down and we chatted about all of the things teenagers drift around, discussing who of our friends were likely to become couples, which couples were breaking up and our plans for the remaining part of the summer holidays.
Anna then requested me to undo the ties of her bikini top and the conversation continued as it had before. Shortly after she lifted onto her elbows showing the profile of a lightly tanned breast, though the tan lines of her bikini stood in contrast.
We continued talking and people continued to file on the shore, and a real crowd was starting to form. There were also a large number of yachts and motor boats taking up moorings in the bay. Some of these boats had just one guy on board, while others had whole families on board, including some with kids the same age as Anna and I. The common theme was that almost all on board were naked.
Anna proposed a swim and bound to her feet leaving her bikini top lying on the towel. I must have revealed my surprise, as she grabbed my hand and said, Come on slow poke, get into the water. I had no alternative and we were soon up to our belly buttons in the water.
Peter, have you noticed we’re the only two people on the shore wearing costumes? free nude beach said.
Yes, but
Why dont we take them off in the water and swim about for some time and see how we feel?
Yes, but
There was no argument Anna had her bikini bottom off in one movement and was then tugging at the side of my swimmers.
Its OK I can do this myself. So I did and for the first time, since I was two years old, I was nude in public.
We frolicked in the water, shoving each other under, hanging off the anchor lines of the moored boats, and diving for the bottom. The water was cool, as it always is in the weeks before Christmas but the heat of the day more than made up for the small chill getting in. Visibility under water, without mask and snorkel, was practical, however only extremely clear enough to see where stone and sand joined, we couldn’t see any detail for example fish and coral that will have been apparent with some equipment.
While swimming, I’d hung our swimmers around my neck, so they didn’t accidentally vanish, and we consistently stayed in at least waist depth water. Anna seemed entirely at ease in the water, flitting her bottom every time she glided submerged. I wasn’t that comfortable, but the veil of water provided some security. Eventually we decided it was time to get out. I eased my swimmers back on to leave the water and Anna gave me a look of pained despair, but she put her bottoms back on and we went and laid back on our towels.
I towelled off, and re-laid my towel to lie in the sun. Anna simply dropped down on her towel, rung the water from her long blond hair, and laid back.
Are you comfortable? I mean, topless in front of all these people, I mumbled.
Yeah, why? Is it a problem?
No, not at all. Merely inquiring, thats all.
Well relax a little, topless on a nude beach is no huge deal. Its not like keeping your swimmers on would be.
Not simply yet.
Can you get my water bottle out and hair brush out of my beach bag? she asked.
I needed to stand to get her stuff out and when I’d discovered the beverage bottle, I turned to find Anna stealing from her bikini and stretching out on her beach towel.
Are you comfortable? I mean, bare in front of all these individuals, I said.
Yeah, why? Is it a problem?
No, not at all. Simply inquiring, thats all.
Well relax a bit, bare on a nude beach is no big deal. Its not like keeping your swimmers on would be.
I looked up, I looked down, I looked all around, and I was the only man on the shore which was not naked. What where my alternatives I given Anna her drink, sat down, slipped off my costume and promptly rolled onto my stomach.
Anna giggled and I said Whats funny Im naked arent I.
Yes, but Ive never seen anyone with this kind of white bum!
So you have an all over tan?
Yeh we tend to not worry much about clothes round the house or around the pool.
So your family would be nudists then?
Yes, they’re and so are you now!
And I’ve been ever since.

My first experience as a nudist and as a curious girl

Life would be a very dreary and a very unhappy place if not for best friends.
All of us have them and we can’t imagine our lives without them. For me, it is these two girls, Amanda and Lucy. We met when we were six of seven and we remained great friends ever since. We spent some great times together and we carried each other through some really challenging times too. Well, these have always been Lucy and Amanda for me.
They are also totally distinct. Lucy is more like me, shy and demure, almost introverted while Amanda is the different side of the coin. She’s mad, she is adventurous and she is constantly searching for new ways to produce me and Lucy feel uncomfortable. I really could spend days listing all the experiences she’s put us through over the years but that is not the point of the narrative. The point of this story is to inform you about my first nudist experience. Our first nudist experience and about the very first time I understood that I find my best friends appealing in a sense that’s a bit more than merely friendly.
Obviously, it was Amanda that proposed we should try out visiting a nudist beach on our next excursion to Europe. Me and Lucy declined before she could end the sentence but that’s when Amanda used one of her greatest weapons, her powers of persuasion that would not be put to waste in CIA Or some other government agency. This girl could convince a drowning man to get a bottle of water. Literally. Regardless, Amanda managed to wear us down over the course of the next few weeks and before we could really comprehend what she did to us and how she convinced us, young nudist photos were on the airplane to France and after a bus ride we were at the camp.
It was this lovely portion of the French Riviera and it was so secluded that you can hardly find it by injury unless you understood just where you were going. It was also a large camp with hundreds of individuals, couples, families, mostly young families with small kids. Of course, there were also a number of groups like us, largely a bit older than us and mainly girls as well. I think there is some type of a policy about single guys coming in, either alone or in groups.
And astonishingly enough, being naked came really natural to all three of us. Even Lucy, the most bashful of us had no problem getting undressed and sunbathing fully naked before all those folks. I adored it. It was the very best feeling of my life. The first day I sunbathed bare, I could literally feel the sun playing with my skin, warming it up and getting me literally horny. And then there is the substitution from cold of the ocean to the heat of the sun. All in all, it’s exciting and extremely sexual. Which is something I didn’t anticipate.
Something else that I didn’t expect in the least was that I’d find myself looking at my two buddies and thinking about kissing them and touching them. They still had tan lines and their bodies appeared so perfect and so natural all nude and in nature. I really could feel my clit swelling up when I started thinking about kissing Lucy or touching Amanda. How could I tell my two best friends that I’ve been wondering what it would like if we all went crazy and had a wild night together. I merely had to let off steam and I’m hoping to god that they will not read this text. I am hoping that they don’t and yet I am hoping that they do. I have no idea. It is all very perplexing.

I used to be much less cautious than I am now.

I have in the past gone naked on occasionally fairly busy Spanish seashores, taking nothing and walking purposefully past them for several miles. It’s not illegal there. Individuals would notice, but few looked at all troubled. Only once did anyone (a guy) object on the particular grounds that children might see me. As we realize, kids take no notice of simple nudity, but I did feel worried because I then felt vulnerable and had no means at all to cover-up.
I occasionally experienced groups of two or three women expressing obvious acceptance that I was nude, not that I was looking for that. I avoided single women who weren’t nude or top-free so as not to make them feel uneasy or threatened. It was http://nudism-life.com to watch how some couples saw me naked and then removed their clothes. That was previously.
In the interests of not causing offence and not giving naturism a bad name even if legal I’ve changed my strategy to public nudity to be much less obvious. The same as Pete, I agree hiking is a lot more interesting compared to the shore. Hiking in Spain, it is so silent the chances of running into someone are low. Hiking in the united kingdom the chances are higher. If alone I ‘ve tend to evaporate off into the bushes, feeling nervous since I ‘ve absolutely no wish to offend but afraid it might be taken as more than simple nudity.
Doing a Spencer Tunick setup has given me a different pespective on the way the Brits see nudity. 1700 folks went nude for a number of hours in a city in the name of “artwork”. Most weren’t naturists and were quite nervous in the beginning. I don’t go bare on UK beaches unless lying on my belly in a silent place. If someone keeps on walking towards me I do not generally worry about it, since it is their choice and I ‘m on a quite wide large shore, but if it is narrower I sit down and am discreet until they have passed.
If I see a lone woman I often cover up as we get closer so she is able to feel “safe”. No one in the UK has ever objected or appeared offended. Occasionally they’ve been obviously amused, so I just say hello. You might wonder why I do not use nudist beaches very often. The key reply is straightforward. They’re the ones giving naturism a bad name.

So the “braviest”…well, could be several. I use to be in possession of a jet ski in southern california.

I’d go to http://rudenudist.com . On several occasions I’d ski nude…or simply troll along dragging myself behind the ski. That turned out to be a different experience. Anyhow, one-time skiing I found a boat with some passengers in it who saw me. They began coming my way. I fell into the water. It ended up being a woman and two other girls. She said hi and asked if http://beach-patrol.biz would do that somemore. I was somewhat surprised as I rather I was going to get an ear full. So, I began skiing near and along side them for a little. Chatted a bit and planned to hook up afterwards.

On another occasion I was driving to a nude resort with my girl friend. I only had on a top. whew** luckily I did not have to get out of the car.

I have laid out nude in my backyard, and balcony when residing at an apartment. I have gone hiking bare in several locations.

I’ve even had neighbors come to my door who I didn’t know. In one case the one lady requested to use the telephone. I was surprised when she said that is okay, the she and her friend had been observing me from across the pool place.

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So I let them in and we conversed.

Being a pilot and when I was flying regular, I and a few buddies took off for Lake Mead and stripped while enroute and landed at a non-control field and just kept our clothes off. We ended up camping at a beach a couple of hundred yards away.